Overtired and Cranky: California Baby

Overtired and Cranky… We’ve all been there. Some of us (slowly raising hand now…) more times than others. California Baby came out an uplifting bubble bath that soothes just these moments for both moms and babies. Made with calming chamomile and tangerine this bubble bath is sure to make your day better. Overtired & Cranky™Continue reading “Overtired and Cranky: California Baby”

Tiny Hideaways

Visit Tiny Hideaways here: https://www.tinyhideaways.com/ From today (Tuesday 8/29) to Tuesday 9/5, enter the promo code BABYBUMS for a free Banner with every tent purchase! The best $100 ever spent. Charlie naps in it…eats in it… AND plays in it… His TINY HIDEAWAYS TEE-PEE. Made from durable cotton canvas, stylish in color, super easy to assembleContinue reading “Tiny Hideaways”

Stuck on You

Stuck on You is a company that can pretttyyy much label anything you want. Need allergy labels when sending kids to school? Food labels for mommy’s chocolate bars in the fridge? Daycare labels so no one picks up your binkey and sneezes on it? You get the jist. They even make personalized backpacks, height charts,Continue reading “Stuck on You”

The Company Store

Have you ever heard of The Company Store? They are an American manufacturing facility based out of Wisconsin that produces high quality and high value down and bedding essentials. They skip the middle man which in turn saves you and I money. They use natural cotton and large cluster down to make the most comfortableContinue reading “The Company Store”