Nuby’s new insulated stainless products 

If anyone has used a hydro flask, they know how amazing it is to have your fluids staying cold for an extended period of time. If anyone has lived in phoenix, they know how quickly your iced beverage will melt and basically boil. Nuby came out with new stainless steel baby products and let me be the first to tell you, they are AMAZING. We got the sippy cup and the food container and we give them 5/5 stars. They keep Charlie’s milk cold (even when left in the car, in 115 degree heat) for SIX hours. I’m officially tired of finding sippy cups with curded milk in them. I basically gag cleaning them out. Well NO MORE of that!!! 
Get yours today: 

Insulated stainless food jar with spoon 

Insulated stainless no spill flip it with 360 weighted straw 

Camping with Zak Products 

Charlie took a little rendezvous to Aspen this weekend. We camped right on the river and saw lots of wildlife, squirrels, blue jays, even some Big horn sheep! During his (and my) nap, a bear walked through the camp site. We were so thankful to have our Zak snak and drink cup with us. Not only did it fend off the bear but it held both our milk and our snacks too 😂
Here is the link where you can find yours:

Shoes: Pedi Ped

Joggers: Circo, Target

Beanie: youngbuckbeanies

Onsie: BabyGap 

Camper Renovation 

Ok so I’m not one for camping and “roughing it.” My idea of camping includes a cabin, a fire place, and a glass of wine. However, pretty sure Mario could live in the wilderness, never shower, and still be happy. We met in the middle and compromised (within our budget). I originally asked for an airstream but 20k was a little over budget. So we purchased this 1995 pinewood camper. For $1800, I now had a working sink, stove, toilet. And we also had heat. And because I’m born and raised from Arizona, I can be classified as a wimp as I can’t survive temperatures below 60 degrees. 
After watching hours of Chip and Joanna Gaines we decided to renovate. We didn’t just want a camper, we wanted a glamper. “Glamorous camping”. Now we’re talking… 

After a little paint, some re-upholstery work, some more sewing, some wallpaper, some deep cleaning, and a lot of elbow work (I can’t take credit for much besides the sewing), we were officially “glamped out”. 

Take a look at our before and after pictures: 





“The abbadessa’s” loop made by @thistleandthreaddesign. This is the daintiest, prettiest peice of custom artwork you can buy. 

Phases of the moon garland made by: @westward notions. Perfect for all you wanderlust hearts. 

Dish towels made by @thevintagehomestudio This isn’t my first dish towel by the vintage home studio. They hold up, they are quality dish towels, perfectly modern and vintage all at the same time. 

Hand soap, body oil, chap sticks made by @whisperingwillow. They have the best smelling hand soap you can buy. You need only the smallest amount which means it lasts a long time. The body oil is the best smelling body oil. It isn’t thick and sticky. I actually use it daily as apart of my perfume. You can also use while camping as lavender is a natural insect repellant. Chap sticks: not waxy and not oily, great consistency and quality.

Essential oil carrier sticks made by @thecarrierstick. These are the perfect size to fit in purse or hiking bag. Works perfect for camping as you can use essential oils with the carrier stick for a natural insect repellant. 

Wooden baby toy made by @manzanitakids. Charlie loves this toy. Perfect for camping as its easy to clean and made of wood. 

Cloth napkins made by @wyomingcreative. Because who doesn’t love tie dye.

Candle made by @bridgeninecandleco This is a wonderful soy candle, great scent. 

Mountain pillow made by Littleadventureshome (etsy). So perfect, dainty and pretty. I think I need one for my room. 

Wallpaper made by NuWallpaper. Can be found at, design: grey quatrefoil peel and stick. This wallpaper was such an easy application. Provides a classy timeless look, would definitely recommend. 

Twill blanket: Made by My Twill. For every purchase, the donate one to a child in need. Gotta love that!

Arrow pillow: Made by Blossom Pillow & Co (etsy) This is an envelope style pillow. The fabric is super amazing quality and washes up so well! 

Beer can opener: Made by The Henry House (etsy)… Because beverages are a must while camping. 

Mushroom pillow: @hicklingcottagecrafts Love this pillow, super soft and fun. 

Jeremiah 29:11 wooden sign: @her_sword Love this sign so much. This shop can customize any quote you want. Jeremiah 29:11 just happens to be one of my favorites 

Rolling pin: @goodywoodycompu Love this rolling pin, not only for cookies but for fending off bears while camping too 😛

I love you hand loop: @thefolklohr simple, and the perfect size 

Macrame hanging light: Retro Decor (etsy) perfect way to disguise a night light in the camper 

G I V E A W A Y ✨

To win a @thevintagehomestudio Towel (as pictured) simply subscribe to my blog, and comment! Five Extra enteries if you repost one of our camper renovation pictures on your Instagram and tag us! 

As You Wish 

Today Charlie and I went to As You Wish Pottery Place.

We had so much fun!! He did not realize there was a difference between a paintbrush and a hair brush. There was paint EVERYWHERE. The whole experience wore him out. He crashed for a nap as soon as we left. Which means I got some Mommy time. And that in itself, is worth every penny. 

The atmosphere was so fun, and the staff was so friendly. It was the perfect place to spend a hot summer Arizona day… Indoors being crafty.

Charlie needed his own cookie plate for Santa, so that’s the design we went for. Because before we know it, Christmas will be here… Time goes by too fast.

Here are our pictures: