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Bed Time with The Company Store

In celebration of Mother’s Day this year, we teamed up with The Company Store to share with you “Our Bed Time Story.” For over 100 years, The Company Store has been tucking in families for bedtime with their top rated bedding, and we are one of the lucky families that just so happens to be tucked in every night with them as well. Bedtime may be one of mommies most looked forward to moments of the day… and then immediately after little one is fast asleep it is also mommies time to stare at baby, and think about how fast time goes by. Suddenly mommy is in tears, thinking of baby growing up, graduating high school, and then all mommy can do is wish she had kept him up for just five more minutes. Who’s with me? (Or maybe I have issues?)

Our bedtime routine isn’t one of those quiet ones… the ones where everyone is whispering and glitter is falling in slow motion from the ceiling… our bedtime routine is rather LOUD. In fact, its really loud…Charlie usually starts with wrestling his dad… Dad’s attempt to get his energy out (which is typically a failed attempt). Immediately followed by a bath. After bath time,  “the lotion monster” makes an appearance and brings good tidings of foot massages. Sometimes mommy is lucky and Charlie gives me a two second toe rub. (My favorite lotion is California Baby)

After bath time, we have a dance party. Included in the dance line up, is every single stuffed animal charlie can find in his room, including his toddler bunny costume. We turn up the iPad and listen to Charlie’s favorite song (right now his favorite is “Im the One” and he calls it “The Baby Song” because the cover of the album has a picture of a baby in a pool (click here to see what Im talking about! haha!! I hope he read this when he is older). Dance party is typically followed by Charlie’s favorite book. Which often turns into five of his favorite books because he never wants to give up the night. And lastly, bedtime prayers. We are sure to thank God for all the blessing and good things He has given us.

Check out more bedtime stories with The Company Store here:

You can shop the Comfort Wash Solid Linen Collection here


Stripe Alpaca Throw from The Company Store can be found here:

Everything Is Mama book, written by Jimmy Fallon and published by MacMillan

cloud pajamas by Finn and Emma

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Loews Ventana Canyon

My family and I spent the weekend at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, a true desert oasis. Surrounded by Saguaros, this resort is one of the top Arizona luxury resorts, It has stunning views of the Catalina Mountain range, and lots of amenities all within the resort itself. .

The resort is absolutely amazing, the customer service is top-of-the-line, and the on site restaurants have impeccable taste.

The resort has one main big pool in the very center of the resort, with poolside service, courtesy sunscreen and towels, for all you mommies that are absent minded like myself, and views of the Catalina Mountains. They also have an adult only pool, in case you want to get away without the kiddos. I would recommend a piña colada poolside!

They have an on-site, lake side spa and I was lucky enough to get a massage! If you go, ask for Peg! She is amazing! It’s the best massage I’ve ever had! Attached to the spa is a full women’s locker room, accompanied with steam room, sauna is, showers, and all the toiletries that you just happened to forget to pack! (They know me so well!)

They also have tennis courts, banquet halls, golf, and an exercise room! The exercise room even has Netflix streaming! Now that’s my kind of working out!

The customer service is top-of-the-line, the staff comes by every night to turn over your room, and provide you with water bottles. They were constantly asking if we needed anything additional, and making sure our stay was pleasant. They even provided Charlie with a cookie making set upon arrival… To which mommy enjoyed some of the dessert as well! (Shh)


The resort has a grass area located in the center by the main pool, with fire pits, corn hole and tables.


Located on the resort is a hiking trail that leads to this waterfall. The hike is not treacherous and kid friendly, which makes it fun for the whole family!


BIll’s Grill is one of the restaurants located poolside. This is the steak nachos that happen to be super amazing and pair perfect with a drink 😉 

Warning: If your hungry, do not proceed any further. Whether you have a taste for grilled salmon and sushi, ribs and BBQ sauce, pork loin and burgers, seasonal grilled vegetables, Loews Ventana Canyon has a dining experience you won’t want to miss. No wonder the brunch is rated #1 in Tucson. The Blues, Brews & BBQ Sunday Brunch is by far the best brunch I’ve ever been to. The food is out of this world.  They have a live blues singer on the patio and a full menu of items such as a sushi table, a dessert table, a pancake machine (what!!!), an omlet bar and so much more. And when I say table, I’m not talking about a little dinky counter… I’m talking about long extended tables with so many choices, so much good food, that you won’t need to eat for days after you eat this brunch. Not only that, but they also have unlimited beers on tap from local breweries. The ambience is amazing, you can sit inside or outside.

The Juice Shot Bar included with your brunch 

The women lake-side spa/locker room with tons of amenities 

Charlie and his Dad 

And if all this wasn’t convincing enough, “Loews Loves Kids” and the proof is evident. The have an onsite “Kids Closet” offering items available for guests to use during their stay. These include toys, books, strollers, night-lights, potty seats, baby bathtub, baby blankets, outlet protectors, and more. The restaurants offer children’s menus with healthy options plus fun books with crayons, all very reasonably priced.

Visit Loews Ventana Canyon today

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Christmas at Ryan House

This year for Christmas we decided to make Christmas gifts for 20 children at Ryan House: end of life care for sick children and respite care for medically fragile children.

Watch our video here:

Some of the items included in the Christmas gifts were (pictured above, from top to bottom and left to right):

On top of dresser: Bows by Wunderkin Co and Little Wilde Co., Tweet Treat Snack holders by Ubbi

Top shelf: Baby Teethers by Silichews, Puzzles by Haba, Wooden Rattles by Green Sprouts, Red and Lulu books by Matt Tavares by Candlewick Press, Baby lotions by Erbaviva, (next shelf) Blankets by Kickee Pants, Snap It Up Card Game by Learning Resources, Tableware by Replay, Nano Santa robots by HexBug, Silicone Placemats by Silikids,

Next shelf: Silicone Placemats by JJ Rabbit, toys from B. Toys, Candy from Bulk Candy, Toys from Battat Toys

Next shelf: Ohhnoo Memory Game, Trucks by B.Toys

Pictured in red basket: organic Swaddles from Iplay, Blankie Friend from iplay, Puppets on a Stick by Educational Insights, Singing Friends/ Hugs and Tickle Stuffed Animals from Nuby,

Charlie sitting on: B. TOYS Tent, B Toys music keys, B toys music mat, Batatt Driven Trucks,

To the right of dresser: NuLoom rug

Here are some separate photos of some of the gifts:

Deuteronomy 15:10❤️🎄

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A Weekend with Kimpton Amara

My best friend and I recently enjoyed a girls trip away to Sedona accompanied by Charlie too of course. We were lucky enough to stay at the Kimpton Amara.

The drive into just the front entrance is enough of a view to appease anyone. It was absolutely breath taking. Somewhere in between the seasonal changes and the view of the red rock mountain, sits the perfectly hidden and exclusive, Kimpton Amara.

And that was just the beginning….

We became neighbors to the heated infinity pool and hot tub. Walking into the room, we were greeted by a bottle of wine, chips and salsa, and extra bottles of water, as well as a note thanking us for coming to stay. Because let’s be honest, it’s the little things like this is life that matter. The room had the most perfect view of the red rock mountain, the fall trees and the most perfect yard with yellow Adirondack chairs, corn hole bags, and fire pits.

The hotel provided free bike rentals, a free shuttle, and shopping within walking distance!

I could of moved in… this resort is perfect!

Book today:

The SaltRock dining was also one for the books. Our favorites? The morning mimosas and the Salmon bagel (that comes with a whipped avocado spread).

Hungry anyone?😒

And just in case you needed more pictures to be convinced😘

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Vice Golf

As some of you may know, I used to play golf in high school. I was a freshman in high school and my Dad told me that I had to either “get a job, or pick a sport.” At the time, I HATED running…so I picked a sport that did not involve that…. GOLF.

I had never played golf but I decided that it looked lax enough for me. I pictured the golf cart, with a cooler, filled wtih all our favorite drinks, snacks, cute visors … music playing…. I thought to myself, I can sit in a cart with friends and hit a ball around occassionally? Im in! Plus… they have cute outfits.

I thought this will be cake! Shortly after, I tried out for the golf team. It was August, in Phoenix. Needless to say, I thought I had melted by the time I got home.

A week later, my name was on the list! I made it onto the team? Oh boy… here we go! I now was funded by Dad and did not have to find a job! (yes…!)

We got our uniforms and ….omg…where is Ashton Kutcher? I was clearly being Punked. I wanted to contact Cosmo and tell them to shred their recent magazine showing the “summer outfit for golfing.” This whole golf outfit thing is a scam! The uniforms were HIDEOUS. Collared shirts that Goodwill would not even sell, I promise you. And the shorts?? They were mid-knee…. -_-

I told myself… it’s all going to be okay. Just pray no boys come out here or you will never find yourself a boyfriend.

I went to my first golf tournament. My coach told me to go to Hole 1. I jumped into a cart. She laughed. What? Are you kidding??? I have to walk 18 holes? With this 20 lb bag?

I sucked it up and played the tournemnt. I had brought with me a  “ball counter.” For every stroke I hit, I would move a ball up on the keychain. There were 10 balls on the keychain counter. Dad told me it would help me keep track. He knew that I would get side tracked in converstation. After the tournament I called him and told him I needed a few more of those keychains. He said “You already lost it?” To which I responded, “No… there aren’t enough balls on it.” He said “Oh no….. Jenna… what was your score?” I hit a 188. NOT KIDDING. How again did I make it on this team? By my senior year of high school I was #2 on the team. I remember playing that same tournament and I came in with a 72.

Anyway the entire point of this post was to remind parents the importance of encouraging children to be active and play sports. I am so incredibly grateful my Dad made me play a sport in high school.

Visit Vice Golf here:

Get your own personalized golf balls here:


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Hotel Valley Ho

Perfectly placed in Downtown Scottsdale, the Hotel Valley Ho is the perfect place to staycation this summer. It’s location makes it prime as its just steps away from the downtown vibrant Scottsdale culture, the inventive dining and trendy nightlife.

My family recently stayed at the Hotel Valley Ho and enjoyed a one-of-a-kind getaway!

He just couldn’t give up the pool.

Room service … too phoney?

Jenna Abbadessa

Jenna Abbadessa

Jenna Abbadessa

Buy Charlie’s shoes here:

Jenna Abbadessa
Need a foodie recommendation: Visit the ZUZU AT HOTEL VALLEY HO.

The ZuZu serves enticing, inventive American fare from Chef Russell LaCasce along with yummy festive cocktails. You and your family can dine inside, on the shaded patio, or if your feeling sunburnt from spending all day at the oasis, you can order it bed side. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

If you want food within walking distance try CULINARY DROPOUT.
Culinary Dropout serves tasty gastro-pub food, cocktails and has the best atmosphere around town. Happy hour and brunch comes curbside with live music.


Want some secret advice? The Hotel Valley Ho charges $18 per day, plus tax for valet parking. Plus an additional $10 a day per vehicle (if you have friends join you). Park along 69th for free city parking and use that $18 on an extra drink poolside!


The Hotel Valley Ho has two remarkable pools. I took Charlie (my 2 year old) to the resort so we spent almost all of our time at the OHasis pool. The OHasis Pool is a tranquil retreat, ideal for leisurely laps, lounging, and even features a small pool for children. Its the perfect spot to relax under towering palms. Don’t waste your time packing pool towels and water bottles, all the pools have ice cold fresh water available and towels. And if water is’nt up your alley, refreshing cocktails can be delivered in a snap.