Boo Baskets: Making a Halloween Basket for your Toddler that’s not all about candy

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am the first one to go through Charlie’s Halloween basket searching for my favorites. And Im also all about the traditions of trick or treating. BUT, I’ve made our own little family tradition of making “Boo Baskets” every year for him. They are quite similar to an Easter basket,Continue reading “Boo Baskets: Making a Halloween Basket for your Toddler that’s not all about candy”

Father’s Day with Macmillan 

   Saturday with Daddy by Dan Andreasen: Charlie’s favorite part of this book is the simple fact that it is written about a young elephant and his elephant daddy. Mommy’s favorite part? Listening to Charlie say elephant! Find it here: Daddy Depot by Chana Stiefel: Charlie absolutely loved the pictures in this book! ThisContinue reading “Father’s Day with Macmillan “


Happy 50th Anniversay to Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See? 50 years ago, Eric Carle and Bill Martin Jr. teamed together to publish one of the most classic children’s books. I was so thrilled to buy this book for Charlie as it brought me back to my younger years, laying with my sistersContinue reading “#BrownBearEverywhere “


Macmillan publishers is a global trade book publishing company with a broad range of award winning books for both children and adults. We recently were able to review a few of their publications and I am very impressed. Not only are the beautifully illustrated and written but I actually learned something! Here are a fewContinue reading “Macmillan”

Mascot Books

Charlie recently received the book “Your First Golf Lesson.” He loved the illustrations and kept saying “Mom what’s that?” and “Mom there’s a ball!” I would definitely recommend this board book.  The cool thing about Mascot books is they are a publishing company. Have you ever aspired to write your own book? You can submitContinue reading “Mascot Books”