Back To School with Zappos and Psycho Bunny

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I hear the sound of school bells ringing… or is that mommy crying over here? Charlie is GOING TO PRESCHOOL. Was it not just yesterday I was giving him his first bath, encouraging him to take his first steps, and wishing the sleepless nights would be over? (gulp). I’ll be the mom carrying the tissue boxes while I drop him off for his first day (and it won’t be because I’m donating school supplies). But its moments like these that helps us all look back and savor all those sweet stages, even the not so sweet ones that seem like they will last forever in the moment.

Growing up as a kid, my favorite part about back to school was always picking out my first day of school new outfit, and it didn’t surprise me that it was Charlie’s favorite too. I mean who doesn’t love a crisp new shirt.

As most of you know, its July in Phoenix, which means it’s over 110 degrees outside, and this means mommy does all her shopping online. For Charlie this year, we did his back to school outfit shopping on Zappos. Zappos is my personal favorite because of Zappos Rewards, it’s free to sign up and includes free expedited shipping on every order! PLUS free returns! I got Charlie’s shirt the very next day!  Charlie’s top choice and the winner of this year’s back to school outfit went to Zappos Psycho Bunny Boy’s Crew Neck Tee. I love this brand because its affordable, high quality, and has that timeless classic look. It washes up well, and doesn’t loose 3 sizes in the dryer. Plus, it’s Charlies top choice, and to all those fellow parents, we all know getting dressed in the mornings can be a hassle, so when the kid is excited for his outfit, it makes mommy’s life a whole lot easier.

Our family would love to know your back to school traditions! Do you take them to pick out their first day of school outfit? Do they pick out a new backpack every year? I would love to know what traditions your family has created as this is not only Charlie’s first day of school, but mommy’s too!


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5 thoughts on “Back To School with Zappos and Psycho Bunny

  1. Yay Charlie, big preschooler, going to kill it on the first day of school with that smolder!! Love his outfit! Glad to know the tradition of you crying in a first day of school pic will continue hahahaha


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