Charlie has eczema on the backs of his knees. Sometimes the eczema becomes so raw and red that he asks “mommy fix it.” The first time I noticed I tried everything to help relieve the discomfort. I tried lots and lots and lots (seriously) of things… but nothing seemed to completely relieve the symptoms. That is… until I came across the Mustela Eczema prone skin products.

Before:1 week after using Mustela daily after bath time: 

Some of my favorites are the Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Cream, Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Cream, and the Stelatopia Bath Oil.  Not only do these products gently cleanse, but they also calm down the irritation and itching. I find that after using the cleansing cream, Charlie complains way less after baths. I’ve also found that using all of these together not only reduces the irriation, rawness, and itching but reduces the frequency of flare ups. Charlie has not had a single eczema flare up since using these products. Thank you Mustela
Find them here:

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