Mommy Necessities 

Vital Proteins

  • Gluten Free, sugar free, no dairy. Need I say more? Vital proteins collagen peptides are sourced from grass fed hides to help improve your hair, skin, nails, joints. Its easy to use, just add in hot or cold (even coffee!)

Smarty Pants

  • If you havent tried these vitamins… you are dumb. Sorry, but you are. They are amazing. Down right amazing.

Smarty Pants Kids Complete Vitamins:

Smarty Pants Kids Probiotic:

Smarty Pants Kids Vitamin WITH FIBER (for those babies that drink way too much milk and not enough water… hey Charlie… Im talking to you!):

Smarty Pants Women’s Complete:

Smarty Pants for those prego mommies:


Buy yours here:

  • This Fressko thermos flask keeps your liquids hot for 8 hours and juices or detox water cold for at least 12. 
  • * It comes with a 2 in 1  removable filter that allows any tea drinker to manually control the strength of their tea.
  • * It is BPA Free, Chemical Free, Silver lined glass with a stainless steel outer
  • * Suitable for Tea, Coffee, Smoothies, Fruit Waters it is the ultimate reusable cup. 

Hello Hair

Buy it here:

  • Hello Hair Hydrating Mask is a 100% natural treatment that combines Coconut, Almond and Argan oils to strengthen stressed out and damaged hair. Its a fantastic remedy for color treated and bleached hair or hair damaged by sun, blow drying and or curling/straightening. Oh and did I mention it smells amazing… lime, grapefruit, vanilla, and coconut… all combined? YUM. 
  • Vegan-friendly,  Cruelty-free,  100% natural hair treatment

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