Tiny Hideaways

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From today (Tuesday 8/29) to Tuesday 9/5, enter the promo code BABYBUMS for a free Banner with every tent purchase!

The best $100 ever spent. Charlie naps in it…eats in it… AND plays in it… His TINY HIDEAWAYS TEE-PEE. Made from durable cotton canvas, stylish in color, super easy to assemble (took me 10 minutes!), and folds up to store like a charm! Has a super fun peek-a-boo window for mommy to spy on baby when he is playing…. everyone loves those candid videos of him talking to himself, right? Okay… maybe just me. Comes with a matching carry case for those vacations when a tee-pee must be brought!

Jenna Abbadessa Charlie Abbadessa BabybumsJenna Abbadessa Babybums

Pajamas from: http://www.hannaandersson.com/


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