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As some of you may know, I used to play golf in high school. I was a freshman in high school and my Dad told me that I had to either “get a job, or pick a sport.” At the time, I HATED running…so I picked a sport that did not involve that…. GOLF.

I had never played golf but I decided that it looked lax enough for me. I pictured the golf cart, with a cooler, filled wtih all our favorite drinks, snacks, cute visors … music playing…. I thought to myself, I can sit in a cart with friends and hit a ball around occassionally? Im in! Plus… they have cute outfits.

I thought this will be cake! Shortly after, I tried out for the golf team. It was August, in Phoenix. Needless to say, I thought I had melted by the time I got home.

A week later, my name was on the list! I made it onto the team? Oh boy… here we go! I now was funded by Dad and did not have to find a job! (yes…!)

We got our uniforms and ….omg…where is Ashton Kutcher? I was clearly being Punked. I wanted to contact Cosmo and tell them to shred their recent magazine showing the “summer outfit for golfing.” This whole golf outfit thing is a scam! The uniforms were HIDEOUS. Collared shirts that Goodwill would not even sell, I promise you. And the shorts?? They were mid-knee…. -_-

I told myself… it’s all going to be okay. Just pray no boys come out here or you will never find yourself a boyfriend.

I went to my first golf tournament. My coach told me to go to Hole 1. I jumped into a cart. She laughed. What? Are you kidding??? I have to walk 18 holes? With this 20 lb bag?

I sucked it up and played the tournemnt. I had brought with me a  “ball counter.” For every stroke I hit, I would move a ball up on the keychain. There were 10 balls on the keychain counter. Dad told me it would help me keep track. He knew that I would get side tracked in converstation. After the tournament I called him and told him I needed a few more of those keychains. He said “You already lost it?” To which I responded, “No… there aren’t enough balls on it.” He said “Oh no….. Jenna… what was your score?” I hit a 188. NOT KIDDING. How again did I make it on this team? By my senior year of high school I was #2 on the team. I remember playing that same tournament and I came in with a 72.

Anyway the entire point of this post was to remind parents the importance of encouraging children to be active and play sports. I am so incredibly grateful my Dad made me play a sport in high school.

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