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The New Zealand Paua Shell 6000mAh Power Bank is the perfect accessory for every on the go mom … or every on the go human in general honestly. Who else gets anxious when your battery life drops to less than 10%. I straight up panic. My mind immediately floods with questions… I don’t have any phone numbers memorized anymore, how will I contact anyone if I need to?? I don’t even know North from South while driving, I need my maps!! How do I get home?? What if someone texts me about the baby? How will they ever figure out where the diapers are in the house?? Gasp…the baby will be diaperless???!! Okay… you get my drift. I need a power bank for peace of mind.

I would definitely recommend this Carved Power Bank. It has a 2.1A fast charging output, 6000mAH lithium polymer rechargeable battery, Micro-USB input and then lets talk about the beautiful shell colors this New Zealand Paula Shell bank has. Made from real wood and reconstituted Ebony, this bank is impeccably unique.

And if you want a matching phone case, well I would definitely recommend getting that as well.

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