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Buy the Lush Ravello Pintuck here:

Ravello Pintuck 5 Piece Comforter Set

This beautiful Ravello Pintuck 5 Piece Comforter Set features hand tucking detail on crinkle Micro Fiber, perfect for comfort and a minimalist look. Its super soft, perfectly size, and is perfect for the master bedroom. The set comes with a comforter, two matching pillows and 2 large king pillow shams.

I often find myself laying on my bed watching movies rather than my couch. I recently invested into ‘black out shades’ for my master bedroom and it makes for… basically the coziest dungeon ever. Adding the Lush Ravello Pintuck comfoter made it even more perfect. I find myself having a really difficult time motivating myself to get up. Charlie loves the comforter as well. He kept rubbing his feet on it and saying “so soft mom.” I love the feel of this comforter, it’s almost “air-y” if that even makes sense. Its super lightweight which is perfect in Arizona, because we all know that big goose down comforters are not even reasonable here. Not even in the winter.

Find the Barn Toy here:

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