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I feel like we may be the only family in Arizona without a pool. We often find ourselves at my parents’ house, or my in laws house because of this. I recently received some iPlay items for this summer and I was so pleased with the quality of their items. Charlie loved the brightness and comfort of everything. In fact, he wouldn’t take the swim trunks and hat off.

Find ‘i play baby’ here: https://iplaybaby.com/iplay/swimwear?gclid=CM2Urtqr49QCFcxMDQodlPoH9g

The Reusable Swim Diaper has a three layer design that helps prevent diaper rash and keeps the potty messes inside the diaper and out of the pool… because no one likes the kid who pooped in the community pool (sorry if that was you.) They are snug fitting and lightweight and have e easy lock snaps on the side for easy application and take off.

Find the Reusable Swim Diaper here: https://iplaybaby.com/iplay/swimwear/tropical-snap-reusable-absorbent-swimsuit-diaper?color=2581

The Pocket Trunks with Built In Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper also have a three layer design. My husband likes these best as he thinks they are more “manly” on Charlie. They have a wicking liner that helps to prevent diaper rash. They also fit snug and are lightweight. Charlie loves the colors and the monkey design!

Find the Pocket Trunks With Built-In Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper: https://iplaybaby.com/iplay/tropical-pocket-trunks-with-built-in-reusable-absorbent-swim-diaper?color=2585

The iplay water shoes are perfect for the Arizona pool sessions. I don’t know how many times I’ve burnt my feet on the cool deck while walking out to the pool. I’ve found that these are also perfect for the beach when the sand gets hot! They are made of a quick dry material and have a no-slip bottom that prevents baby from cracking his head open when he decides to make a poor decision and run on slippery wet cement. They are easy to pull off and easy to place on because of the flexible breathable material.

Find the water shoes here: https://iplaybaby.com/iplay/swimwear/swim-shoes?color=243

The sun flap protection hat is one of Charlies favorites. It is UPF 50+, dries quickly, is lightweight, and has the extra neck coverage to prevent baby sunburns. It also has a tie strap (with the cutest little felt design … only a mom would notice this ;)) that makes it adjustable to fit babies head as it grows.

Find the sun flap protection hat here:


The Breatheasy Sun Protection Shirt is one of my favorites. Not only is it classy but I like to have Charlie wear it out and about on the hot summer days. Its UPF 50+ which means I don’t have to lather him up with sticky sunscreen prior to going out on our adventures. Its made of a breathable, quick dry, lightweight material with a pocket in the front. The shirt has a pull on neck opening which makes application easy and take off even easier.


Find the Breatheasy™ Sun Protection Shirt here:


The Muslin Hood Towel is made of organic muslin and knitted terry. It has 2 layers for extra absorbency and warmth. It even has a hood and 2 hand pockets to help keep baby warm.

Find the Muslin Hooded Towel here:



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