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Mustela Bébé products contain 92% ingredients of natural origin on average. Mustela uses the most natural, beneficial ingredients, some of them to include Avocado, sunflower, lupin, shea, and aloe vera.

Known for being an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, the avocado is of great benefit to fragile skin types. Sunflower oil is known for its ability to nourish the skin and restores its barrier function against harmful external factors. Its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties help skin to quickly rid irritation. Aloe Vera concentrate is exceptionally rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids and helps to relived irritation and repair dry, damaged skin. Aloe vera is knoen for its ability to stimulate cell regeneration. Shea helps to protect the skin and helps to defend against harsh climatic conditions such as wind, cold, and dry heat (you Arizonians know what I’m talking about). Lupin is used to promotes the production of good quality collagen, thus improving the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. This is specifically helpful for those mommy’s that are expecting and those who just had a baby.

Overall, I have found that Mustela products are intensely moisturizing, and have not only helped to restore the elasticity of my skin, but also keept my skin incredibly soft. Even the most dry and sensitive skin can be soothed, softened, and even repaired with Mustela. These qualities make it an incomparable ingredient for sun care products.

Some of my favorite products:

Hydra Bebe Facial Crème (Not only for babies… I use as my daily moisturizer):

Bath Oil:

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