Book Review

Women Who Move Mountains by Sue Detweiler

“God is our provider. He provides one day at a time. We trust Him day by day.” I loved how the book invited readers to pray without shame and encouraged that all human beings fall short of God’s original plan for a perfect, sinless world. I loved how the book included sections that would provide additional reading material with verses from the Bible. Another quote from the book that I found amazing was “God is writing your story. He is a redeemer. He will take the pain, sorrow, and loss and use it to make you more like Him. He uses suffering to teach us more about His ways, which are so much higher than our ways.” What a fascinating and powerful thing. I absolutely love this so much. I love this way of thinking, I love this outlook on life, I love the positivity… to look at everything, even in times where you feel like you are drowning, to remember that God is there and you are not alone.

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