Charlie Banana and Potty Training 

The dreaded P word… Potty… Training. 

I’ve been pretty lucky that Charlie tells me when he has to go pee… But when he has to poop?? That’s a whole different story! He tends to hide himself in the corner, and do his business alone… I still have yet to get him to go on the actual potty! The bathtub… The floor… The rug… The patio… Those were all not off limits!🤔😟  Thanks Charlie!

 We started off with regular pull-ups… However I found myself picking up the pull ups from the ground, because Charlie tends to want to run around naked all the time! I decided I needed something different!

I came across the Charlie banana training pants… And they have worked so well for our family! Not only does he keep them on, but they are easy to wash up, and easy to use! I would definitely recommend these for new potty training toddlers and parents! The patterns are adorable, and not only do they look more comfortable for baby, but I’m pretty sure they are more comfortable, since he tends to always want to wear them! 

Find them here:

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