I Love My Pillow

I Love My Pillow.. but really. I really really really love my new “I Love My Pillow.” I don’t think I’ve slept this soundly in years. This morning I woke up and I literally had not moved from when I fell asleep.

I’ve recently tested the Classic Traditional Pillow, the Signature Contour Pillow and the Memory Down Pillow. Of the three of these, I would have bet money that the Memory Down Pillow would have been my choice of pillow. After switching it up and using a different one each night, I realized that the Signature Contour Pillow is my favorite. Unfortunately this is Charlie’s favorite too so we often find ourselves fighting over who gets it… I always give in.

The Signature Contour Pillow has a indent on one side that provides support for the head and neck while sleeping. It literally feels like laying on a teddy bear.

The Signature Contour Pillow and the Traditional Pillow both came with a micro mink pillowcase that is machine washable, stain resistant, hypoallergenic, and comfy. Did I mention comfy? Omg… I want to sleep face down that’s how soft it is…. really!

I Love My Pillow has a guarantee that you will sleep sound for 100 nights or your money back! Each pillow also comes with a 3 year warranty.

Check them out here: https://www.ilovemypillow.com/collections/frontpage

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