Boll and Branch

The Boll and Branch Bath Sheets are not only the softest towel on the market but measure 36’ x 70’ and cover me from head to toe. Never deal with that after-shower chill again! They are made with Fair Trade cotton, 100% GOTS certified organic, made with non toxic dyes and are eco friendly. They are super absorbent and even after washed and dried remain the exact same as when I took them out of packaging. Boll and Branch Bath Sheets:


The Boll and Branch Cable Knit Throw blends class, beauty and functionality. It measures 50’ x 70’ and is made with Fair Trade certified cotton. It is the most soft and cozy blanket. Charlie and I cuddle in it every night while watching out night time shows and while reading books. The quality of this blanket is worth the price.. I would buy again and again. Boll and Branch Cable Knit Throw:


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