Since beginning my blogging experience I have had the pleasure to meet some truly amazing people. One of those people is Monika Normand from Goodbeads. Monika created a company named “Goodbeads” where she sells jewelry that is inspired by nature and every piece is handmade. By purchasing a piece of GoodBeads jewelry, you are helping to fund nonprofits who share in the GoodBeads mission of giving back to the Earth. 

🌟🌟GIVEAWAY🌟🌟 to win a Goodbeads bracelet, simply follow @goodbeads and @babybums on Instagram, comment on this blog post! Winner will be DM’d via Instagram in 48 hours

Shop Goodbeads here: https://goodbeads.org/


Find your Sweetheart Rose Quartz Pair bracelet here: https://goodbeads.org/product/sweetheart-rose-quartz-pair/


Find the Natural Seashell Hemp Tie On here: https://goodbeads.org/product/natural-seashell-hemp-tie-on/


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