Kitchen Renovation with Arizona Tile 



Often times when renovating I find myself thinking “Ok where do I even start?” I was standing in my kitchen and I thought “This is ugly.” Admitting is the first step right? So I decided we needed some upgrades and A LOT of changes.

I quickly found myself on the Arizona Tile webpage. Their galleries of featured products made my eyes turn to hearts and I very suddenly became so antsy for a DIY project.

I used Arizona Tile’s “Just Imagine Visualizer” to help design my kitchen project. It was so fantastic, as it shows just what products “flow” together and helped me to see the products before I made my purchase. The visualizer even lets you upload a picture so you can design your actual room. We all know when purchasing something big… like a Quartz countertop, the commitment can be awfully scary. Do your kitchen here:

I’ve always loved Subway Tile for its classy vintage appeal. Subway Tile dates back to the early 1900’s and has a distinctive timeless look.

These are the final products we chose for the kitchen renovation:

Quartz countertops:

Subway Tile:

I would highly recommend Arizona Tile. Their employees and staff are professional, courteous, and extremely helpful. Their sell quality products at affordable prices.

Other products featured:

Soap products by Whispering Willow

Coffee machine, coffee frother, coffee grinder by Capresso

Once upon a Farm products

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