Blooming Bath

So does anyone else have issues with making a bath towel last? Like please explain why they get so hard, and not soft and eventually develop a musty smell even when you double up on the laundry fabric softeners. Recently I came across Blooming Baby’s Plush Hooded Bath Towel. I don’t think I will ever buy another bath towel again. I honestly may even order myself the pink one. I mean lets be honest, I would make a cute flower  Not only is the towel functional, but its super adorable as well and is made from ultra-absorbent microfiber fabric designed to wick off that bath water in no time. The microfiber is ultra premium and makes this towel super adsorbent.. .seriously, I’ve never had Charlie dried off after a bath so fast. It even has an elastic hood and hand wrap pockets. Not only will you find us using these after a bath and shower, but you can find us at swim lessons, pool parties, and even the beach with these as well! Find yours here:

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