Smarty Pants Vitamins 

Ok, here is the truth… I usually hate vitamins. Regardless of whether or not I take them on a empty or full stomach, I still feel like I am hungover and want to puke my brains out. Occasionally I can convince myself that it’s “not that bad just take a vitamin” and I immediately regret it when my stomach starts cramping and it ruins my Netflix bing for the night. So I’m super picky and very hesitant about vitamins… EEK. 

I recently discovered smarty pants vitamins. Seriously.. they are like eating candy… I have a hard time only eating the designated amount. And they don’t make me sick!!!! What????

What’s in them?

 They optimally combine two forms, EPA and DHA to provide Omega 3 in the best form possible. They have Vitamin D3 instead of Vitamin D2 because not only does it help the body absorb calcium better but it’s the form your skin produces when its exposed to sunlight. These vitamins also have over 1000% of the daily value for vitamin B12, which helps to give us mommy’s the energy we need to get through the day (well this and coffee).


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