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As a mom to one, I remember being pregnant and trying to pick out a diaper bag. I wanted the trendy, cute diaper bag of course. However, as soon as I had Charlie and started hauling stuff around, I realized that diaper bags that are just cute and not functional are… a pain in the butt.


Shortly after realizing I hated my registered diaper bag, I found myself throwing Charlie’s things into my Kate Spade purse. One day I was walking around the mall, and a woman approached me and said “mam you’re leaking.” Of course I immediately grabbed my boobs, embarrassed that she said I was leaking… and that she called me Mam (I mean I’m not that old right?). However, she then pointed to the ground and the milk trail that followed me. Thank the Lord…she was talking about my purse leaking… Charlie’s sippy cute had spilled over in my bag and my purse dripping milk everywhere. You could see everywhere I had been in the mall, just a few drops of milk behind my every step. My purse was ruined. And that’s when I decided to make a change 😉


I discovered Cee Cee & Ryan Diaper bags. Not only are they sleek, trendy, AND function, but they are designed to make everyday adventures simple. I have the Cee Cee & Ryan Kennedy Diaper Bag, and I could not be more pleased with it. It has 5 exterior zip pockets, giving me quick access to my car keys, my lip gloss, and Charlie’s binky… Three things I typically need and need fast. It has 2 open pockets on the side to carry my water bottles, or Charlie’s sippy cup. The interior has two separate large compartments with 3 bottle pockets and 8 additional pockets that allow for diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snacks, energy drinks. Cee Cee & Ryan Diaper Bags were thoughtfully designed with ample room to carry all of your baby’s essentials and your essentials and can accommodates a family’s ever changing needs. Cee Cee & Ryan Diaper Bags are a must-have for all parents.

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