Vertuccio Farms Fall Festival

This weekend we had the pleasure of visiting Vertuccio farms fall festival out in Gilbert Arizona. Since I’ve lived in Arizona my entire life, I frequently drive past this farm. I had no idea how large this farm actually was. We walked past the pumpkin patch and I was amazed at everything they had set up a line. It brought me back to my childhood. The farm had zip lines, fall festive shows, tractor rides, barrel rides, animals that you could feed, slides, playgrounds, water activities, life-size Jango and check your board games,even trampolines. What I thought was even more enticing, was the fact that you did not have to pay for every activity your child wanted to do. With admission, you were able to enjoy as many activities as you’d like. You don’t find that very often these days at amusement parks. Charlie ran around like a madman pointing and saying “Moo” to every animal he saw. Charlie’s favorite thing was the tractors that he was able to sit on and inspect. His little finger squeezing it self into the tire treads of the different tractors and him yelling “coooool”. I would definitely recommend taking your family to Vertuccio farms for this holiday season. It’s filled with fun, games and lots of laughter!

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