Cole and Mason


Cole and Mason Horsham Precision Copper Salt and Pepper Mills: Why we love this product? It has diamond sharpened ceramic precision mechanism that create a smooth and even turn. They are super easy to refill when empty. They have 3 different grind levels that you can choose from. We love the unique stainless steel copper design. Find yours here: https://www.coleandmasonusa.com/product/cole-mason-horsham-pepper-mill-copper/https://www.coleandmasonusa.com/product/cole-mason-horsham-precision-copper-salt-mill/


Cole and Mason Self Watering Herb Keeper: Why we love this product? Well whats not to love about fresh herbs in the kitchen. Anyone else sometimes forget to water? Problem solved here! The self watering herb keeper comes with a Hydro-Felt Pad that allows herbs to draw water as desired. The pads can be rinsed and cleaned with water and reused. I love the way this product looks in my kitchen window. Find yours here: https://www.coleandmasonusa.com/product/cole-mason-self-watering-potted-herb-keeper/


Cole and Mason Oil and Vinegar Flow Gift Set: Why we love this product? It has a drizzle, pour and seal function. It also has an anti-clog lid. Both pieces in the set are dishwasher safe. Find yours here: https://www.coleandmasonusa.com/product/cole-mason-oil-vinegar-flow-select-gift-set/



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