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I’ll be honest, when I first heard a family member say she was going to cloth diaper, I thought “Well that sounds shitty.” I pictured my grandmother back in the day, safety pinning a piece of fabric and calling it a diaper. 

I thought cloth diapers had been phased out and that disposables were the better, more convenient form of diapering. When I’m up at 4 am in the morning, I do not want to be hand washing a poopy diaper… I was not sold on cloth diapering.. In the slightest.

 So Charlie Banana convinced me to try cloth diapering and here is my experience as a beginner.

 After doing some research, I was shocked to find that disposable diapers contain so many chemicals, including chlorine and perfume, and even dioxins. The chemical that was linked to toxic shock syndrome in tampons is still found in many disposable diaper brands.

 I hate to admit this. I really hate to admit this. But I was wrong! Cloth diapers have come such a long way since “grandmas time.”

 Here are my pros and cons of cloth diapering as an amateur mom:


• A good two part nappy held in a poop explosion… (I was shocked).

• The fabrics and designs of the diapers… need I say more.

• Cost effectiveness

• Eco friendly

• Prevents diaper rash


• Harder to manage when going out and about on “mommy runs”

• More laundry


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