For 25% your Babiators.com order, enter promo code BABYBUMS25 (valid through 9/15/16). http://www.babiators.com/ 

Charlie has a few of the Polarized Babiators. He loves them and actually keeps them on his face. They are available from ages 0-7. The polarization helps to reduce glare with styling mirrored lenses, cool patterns and even a super cute case to keep your shades protected. Find yours here: http://www.babiators.com/store/black-ops-black-polarized.html


To say that Charlie is obsessed with his Rocket Pack is an understatement. From the minute he wakes up, he wants his shoes on and his Rocket Pack on his back. He will literally wear it all day. Babiators Rocket Packs are made from tough military grade fabric that are made to withstand all of those heavy duty toddler adventures. Find yours here: http://www.babiators.com/store/galactic-gray-rocket-pack.html


Our favorite thing about Babiators? Their customer service and warranty. They believe that providing safe, durable, and awesome products is important. And with that said, if your Babiator products are lost or broken within one year of purchase, they will send you a replacement! That’s simply amazing.


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