Milestone baby

I remember people telling me “oh by the third child you won’t have any photo albums.” I have officially proved them wrong. I don’t even have a photo album for my first and only child… and he is 18 months old. My mom conscious and guilt kicked in very quickly when I recently went to a friend’s house and saw that she has documented every single tear drop that fell from her baby’s eye. Heck, I can’t even remember how much Charlie weighed when he was born. #worstmomever 

I gave in and started ‘Baby’s First Year Photo Album’ by Milestone Baby. The album is timeless and modern and made of acid free photo and glassine paper to make sure your photos are kept forever. The first four pages of the album are specially designed by Milestone and the rest of the album is blank so you can ‘scrapbook’ however you prefer. With over 60 pages, it can hold up to 300 cards or pictures. It also includes two sheets of stickers to customize the album.


Find yours here:

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