So Charlie got it from me… and I got it from my dad… and he got it from his dad…and so it goes on and on. THE SWEET TOOTH. 

After every dinner, I have to have a dessert. We came across the Zoku Ice Cream Maker’s and had to get them for the family. Each Ice Cream Maker makes individual portions of ice cream, custard, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, sherbert… whatever you’re craving. The Ice Cream Maker comes with a set of easy to follow instructions, which only take a few ingredients. I love that each recipe only calls for a couple of things… I hate getting a new toy and then finding out I have to go buy 10 other items just to make it work.


Then, depending on which flavor you prefer, you can make your own bowl of ice-cream! It’s wonderful…I know in the past I’ve sat and stirred in chocolate syrup and taken out nuts from ice-cream because I was the odd ball out at the grocery store when buying ice-cream.


Here are a few pictures from ice cream making with Charlie  


Find yours here:

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