B Box 

Some of our b box favs!
Travel bib and spoon in shining star: This is one of my favorite bibs. It comes with a spoon, folds up, and even zips closed. It washes up so easily! Find yours here: https://bbox.com.au/collections/feeding/products/travel-bib-flexible-spoon-shining-star


Baby spoons in green/blue: Find yours here: https://bbox.com.au/collections/feeding/products/copy-of-baby-spoon


Diaper Caddy: We love this light and portable changing station. Not only does it ensure you have everything you need wherever you go (and trust me that’s important when there is a poopy diaper involved) but it also saves space. Find yours here: https://bbox.com.au/collections/diaper-changing/products/diaper-caddy-mellow-lellow


Diaper Wallet: Not only does this carry wipes but it also comes with a changing mat AND it has enough room for 2 disposable diapers or even a spare onesie. Find yours here: https://bbox.com.au/collections/diaper-changing/products/diaper-wallet-splish-splash

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