We recently paired up with Ubbi and tried out some of their products. What really stands out to me about Ubbi is the quality. They sell quality products that really hold up (even when toddlers throw the wipe dispenser across the bathroom). 

Charlie is into everything. I turn my head for a second and he has makeup brushes in the toilet, shoes in the trash, dog food in his mouth and dirty diapers on the white living room rug.

Thanks to Ubbi’s diaper pail, we have officially taken one of these dirty do-not’s off the list. Charlie can no longer get into his dirty diapers! Their diaper pail is officially baby proof with its childproof safety lock! It has rubber seals so his nursery no longer smells like a port a potty. It does not require special bags, which saves the family so much money. It’s the easiest diaper pail I’ve gotten to load, use, empty and clean (and trust me, this is my third diaper pail trying to find a good one). I’m officially sold on this one! They recently came out with some special edition patterns too, and I’m thinking I need the star one for the spare bathroom! Find yours here: http://ubbiworld.com/pages/diaper-pail


Another product we love from Ubbi is their diaper caddy. It holds an average of eight diapers, it holds the Ubbi wipe dispenser, and even comes with a changing pad. I really love that it isn’t made of cloth, because we all know that things can get messy with diaper changes. Is it just me, or do toddlers turn into the hulk with every diaper change? Good lord its not fun pinning Charlie down. This diaper caddy can also convert to a shower caddy, art caddy or even snack caddy for those small trips to the park. We would definitely recommend! Find yours here: http://ubbiworld.com/pages/diaper-caddy


My favorite wipe dispenser of all time, the Ubbi wipe dispenser. The best part about it, it not only holds any pack of wipes, but it helps wipes to only come out one at a time. Find yours here: http://ubbiworld.com/pages/wipes-dispenser


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