Why we love silicone products? Silicone does not react with food or liquids so no unpleasant flavors can transmit. 

Silispoons: These baby spoons are Charlie’s favorite. The textured handle provides added grip and also helps promote independence while feeding. They are dishwasher safe, and clean up amazing. Our favorite thing about them: Charlie actually eats food while using them (ha!) Find yours here:


Silimap: I don’t think I will ever buy a different placemat ever again. We love this placemat. This placemat folds up for easy storage and makes it easy to bring in the diaper bag. It cleans up easily. It’s heat resistant so those warm eggs can go right on it! Our favorite part about it? Honeslty… there are too many. Charlie uses it for coloring and the marker wipes right off. It sticks to any surface and doesn’t move around when Charlie is eating which helps keep the mess down! Find yours here:

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