Siliskin sippy cup 

Siliskin Sippy Cup 

I recently got a new duvet cover for the master bed. I have a little OCD about keeping it nice and clean. This is a little difficult at times with a toddler on my hands. The other day he found a blow pop and before I knew it, he as covered in a red sticky mess. He started walking towards the bed and I don’t think I’ve ever ran faster in my life. Honestly… I have no idea where he found the sucker to begin wtih. It amazes me the things he finds… and the things he loses. This is the only sippy cup I let him have in bed with me because it does not spill. Like ever. The siliskin sippy cup has an embedded stainless steel ring that keeps it from collapsing when its squeezed. The sippy cup comes with a silicone top that will fit over any size cup. This is one of my favorite things about it. The spout doesn’t have any small crevices, or straws and it makes cleaning it so easy. I actually don’t dread cleaning this sippy cup.


Find it here:

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