Safe for the mess makers 

I have a slight obsession with cleaning … I’m always looking for new cleaning products that smell good, get the job done, and don’t cost the family a fortune. 

I recently came across Better Life cleaning products. I started with some of the essentials: All purpose cleaner, Kitchen and Bath scrubber, wood polish, and of course lotion for those dry hands.


With every spray, pour, pump…they proved to not only be powerful but safe. And reasonably priced! The best part about them? They are safe for the mess makers! Yep… they are safe for babies, kids, pets; even dads (yes dads… thanks for leaving the bacon grease all over the counter).


At first I didn’t believe it so I read into it more… Better Life products use 100% plant derived cleaning agents and scents. They never contain ethers, parabens, alcohol, dyes, synthetic fragrances, dyes. They are non toxic, biodegradable, kind to the water life and sea creatures, never tested on animals… should I go on? We love everything about this.


Find them here:

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