Has anyone else tried OXO? We have! And… We love it. 

We recently got the Transitions Soft Spout Sippy Cup Set. Our favorite part about this set? The set includes a training lid to mimic “mommy’s cup” and when your little one is ready, the disk can be set aside and the cup can be used as an open cup! We love the versatility! Check it out here: http://us.oxotot.com/FJR3RZ


We also tried out the Transitions Sippy Cup. Our favorite part about this it doesn’t leak! The twist in value stays secure even when Charlie decides to throw it across the room. Check it out here: http://us.oxotot.com/RaMzjr


Now for the cleaning of the sippy cups… Quite frankly, the WORST. Especially when the milk decides to curd and it smells like something died in the cup. Well…. Don’t fret because OXO thought of a solution! The ‘Cleaning Set for Straw and Sippy Cups.” These work like a charm to clean small openings and crevices within sippy cups, straws, and those order hard to get to places. Check it out here: http://us.oxotot.com/Wp9jka


And our last review for today… The OXO tot Roll Up Bib. Not only does this help catch stray bites but protects Charlie’s clothes which saves me time when doing laundry. What we love most? The Velcro closure secures it tight enough to resist Charlie’s tugging. Its even adjustable so we can use for months and months to come! Check it out here: http://us.oxotot.com/vTOFYa

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