Bath time with Nuby 

Bath time is one of Charlie’s favorite things. We recently found some new bath time essentials: 

Hippo Spout Guard by Nuby: We love this soft protective cover for bath time fun! Fits most faucets with diverters. Its also BPA Free! Our favorite part, the water can come out the hippo’s nose or from below his mouth! You can check it out here:


Nuby Tub Tugs Floating Bath Boats: Charlie loves these! They are lightweight, colorful and perfect in size. Also BPA free! Charlie loves these! Check them out here:


Nuby Little Submarine: This is one of Charlie’s favorite bath toys. If you pull the anchor/string it makes it go! This colorful little toy kept my little guy busy for a long time! Also BPA free. Check it out here:


You can find more Nuby bathtime products here:

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