Back To School with Zappos and Psycho Bunny

Sponsored by Zappos

I hear the sound of school bells ringing… or is that mommy crying over here? Charlie is GOING TO PRESCHOOL. Was it not just yesterday I was giving him his first bath, encouraging him to take his first steps, and wishing the sleepless nights would be over? (gulp). I’ll be the mom carrying the tissue boxes while I drop him off for his first day (and it won’t be because I’m donating school supplies). But its moments like these that helps us all look back and savor all those sweet stages, even the not so sweet ones that seem like they will last forever in the moment.

Growing up as a kid, my favorite part about back to school was always picking out my first day of school new outfit, and it didn’t surprise me that it was Charlie’s favorite too. I mean who doesn’t love a crisp new shirt.

As most of you know, its July in Phoenix, which means it’s over 110 degrees outside, and this means mommy does all her shopping online. For Charlie this year, we did his back to school outfit shopping on Zappos. Zappos is my personal favorite because of Zappos Rewards, it’s free to sign up and includes free expedited shipping on every order! PLUS free returns! I got Charlie’s shirt the very next day!  Charlie’s top choice and the winner of this year’s back to school outfit went to Zappos Psycho Bunny Boy’s Crew Neck Tee. I love this brand because its affordable, high quality, and has that timeless classic look. It washes up well, and doesn’t loose 3 sizes in the dryer. Plus, it’s Charlies top choice, and to all those fellow parents, we all know getting dressed in the mornings can be a hassle, so when the kid is excited for his outfit, it makes mommy’s life a whole lot easier.

Our family would love to know your back to school traditions! Do you take them to pick out their first day of school outfit? Do they pick out a new backpack every year? I would love to know what traditions your family has created as this is not only Charlie’s first day of school, but mommy’s too!



One of a Kind with Nena & Co

Everyone has seen “the mom bag.” The hideous, filthy, cheerios stuck to the bottom, dried milk on the straps, if you touch it you’ll wake up with a cold the next day, MOM BAG. Yuck. I promised myself I would never carry around one of “those germ infested things.”

And that’s when I found Nena & Co.

Nena & Co has beautiful, high quality, purposeful bags and I had to have one. I loved the One of a Kind collection because I will be honest, I hate showing up places and seeing people with the same exact thing as me. For instance my Apple Phone, can’t people just buy the Samsung Galaxy? Kidding!! But really, I like to have unique things. So I went with Nena & Co One of a Kind convertible bag. The bag is curated from vintage fabrics woven from memory by a Guatemalan artisan up to 10 years ago. Each pattern on the bag is distinctive to the reign when the artisan lives. As if it doesn’t get any cooler than this? Nena & Co then adds hand cut leather to the bags to make them durable, sturdy, and mom approved.


So, if you know me, you know that I definitely don’t love to work out, but I make it a priority in my life. I focus on creating a lifestyle for optimal health and also for confidence. In spite of my work out and diet I had some stubborn fatty areas on my abdomen. That’s why I decided to try coolsculpting at Bodify. 


What is coolsculpting? 

Coolsculpting is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses cooling to eliminate areas of fat 

Why did I choose Bodify? 

I chose Bodify because of their experience. They have provided more coolsculpting treatments than any other provider in Arizona. Bodify also holds a “Beautiful Results Promise” so that you are guaranteed to be happy with your results after the process is complete. 

Beautiful Results Promise

How was the experience? 

The consultation was easy, they listened to my concerns, and gave me their best options. For the next step, I returned for the cool sculpting treatment. Their office is comfortable and cozy, each room having a TV (with Netlfix), blankets, robes, and decorated to the nines. I sat down in the procedure chair and the staff thoroughly explained the process to me and what to expect before and after this procedure. The actual coolsculpting process was somewhat uncomfortable but not overall painful. I would describe it as a vacuum pressure with ice cubes until It eventually gets numb. Once the procedure is complete the wand was removed and the area was then massaged for 2 minutes. And by massage, I do not mean a “go to your happy place” massage. This part of the coolsculpting process was the most uncomfortable but at least short lasted!

How are your results? 

Here are my 16 week post coolsculpting results! I love them! I definitely notice a big change even with small fluctuating weight gain (it no longer goes to my abdominal region like previously). I would recommend Bodify over and over again.

California Baby Giveaway

California Baby just launched a new 100% Plant-based lotion and it is AMAZING!! And guess what? It’s the first and ONLY 100% USDA certified biobased lotion! It’s free of petroleum contaminants, synthetics! The calendula scent is my absolute favorite! The combination of clary sage and lavender is light and refreshing and the scent stays! It not only helps my dry skin and isn’t over greasy but it made Charlie’s eczema behind his knees completely go away!

Find out more here:

And we’re giving away two lotions to one lucky follower! To enter, subscribe to the blog and leave a comment!! Ends on thanksgiving!

Annie Bruno and Hellobabybums

I had the pleasure of meeting Aesthetics Nurse Injector, Annie Bruno  at Dr Todd Hobgood’s Facial Plastic Surgery Office.


What is it? Voluma is a gel and is used for deep injection in the cheek area to correct age-related volume loss and can also be used in the facial tissue for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds (such as nasolabial folds).

If your anything like me, the first place I loose weight is in my face and the first place I gain weight is in my abdomen. I’ve been working out a lot recently and my face was looking rather gaunt. I started noticing smile lines and the area under my eyes seemed so sunken in.

Annie recommended 2 cc (1 cc= 1/5 teaspoon) of Voluma and 1cc of volbella to nasolabial folds. A little bit goes a long way.

Prior to the injection, Annie placed “numbing cream” on my face and the pain was so minimal.

My favorite part about the Voluma? The immediate results of it. You can see a difference right away. The following pictures are before and after (within minutes of each other).

People that say “they look overdone” typically have been treated with way too much filler or had a bad placement by an injector. Which is why I would choose and highly recommend Annie Bruno over any other Botox injector.

Thank you Annie for making this first time experience, the BEST!


I’ll admit, before I ever received botox I was nervous to even do it. Firstly, because of the stigma surrounding it, but mostly because I was uneducated about what it really IS and what it really does. I didn’t want to walk out having an obvious change. So after doing some research on botox, I realized just exactly what it was. Botox is derived form a protein and temporarily relaxes targeted muscle areas by blocking nerve impulses that trigger contactions (like a frown). Local injection reduce wrinkles from anywhere between 3-6 months.

I started to notice some wrinkle lines in my forehead and also a frown line between my eyes above my nose. I am blaming it on being nearsighted and squinting more frequently than not.

And for those of you who are worried or timid of the pain from an injection….If any of you have toddlers and have ever had a hot wheel to the forehead than trust me, you’ve experienced more pain than a botox injection. It’s like being pinched and very tolerable.


I would do it over and over again. My favorite thing about botox is not only the results but also the prevention. Since doing botox for the first time I have noticed such a significant improvement in my skin and my fine lines. My fine lines in my forehead have completely disappeared and my “frown line” is now my casper line. GONE.

You can contact Annie at:

480.214.9955 // 8415 NORTH PIMA ROAD #120 SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85258

Boo Baskets for Sunshine Acres

Every Halloween I have made Charlie a “Boo Basket”. Similarly themed to an Easter Basket, but Halloween themed. This year for Halloween, we decided to spread some love to some foster children. We carried on our Boo Basket tradition to Sunshine Acres. Sunshine Acres provides a loving, wholesome, Christian home for children who are separated from their parents.

Sunshine Acres is a 501 (c) 3 Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization. This Halloween I have teamed with GoodPop to help raise money for Sunshine Acres foster care children. For every donation, we have some YUMMY incentives. Visit the page here for more information.

A huge thank you to all the companies listed below who made our Boo Baskets such a success this year! We love you!

Here’s what each basket included:

All baskets by Fluf Textile Goods 

Books by Candlewick Press

Children’s Tableware by Re-Play 

Midnight Pajamas by KickeePants

Blankie friends by iPlay Baby

Sun Hats by iPlay Baby

Swim Toys by SwimWays

Chocolate by NibMor

Aveeno Baby Products

Stuffed animal friends by NubyUSA

Shaved ice coupons by Bahama Bucks

Jakes Unlimited Passes

Snacks by Mamma Chia 

Made By Mary Jewelry

Made By Mary Jewelry 

My Girl Disc Necklace from Made By Mary  : By far one of my all time favorite necklaces. The My Girl necklace has been newly added to the Mady By Mary Love Colection. The necklace is perfect for the mom, girlfriend, sister, friend in your life that brings sunshine to your gloomy days. The necklace reminds me of one of my favorite movies growing up, “My girl.” The necklace is dainty and the perefect addition to any outfit.

Hammered Stacking Ring from Made by Mary: Ill be honest, I have been waiting for a Made By Mary ring set for a while now. I mean, lets be honest, who isnt? Their rings are not only beautifyl and dainty but super high quality. Each ring is one of a kind, and adds the perfect amount of “glimmer” to your hand. I personally like wearing all three together, but you can stack or wear seperately, as each way will do just the trick!